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  TITLE: Bushwacked

  AUTHOR: kerk hiraeth

  FANDOM: Torchwood / Buffy the Vampire Slayer (22'verse) crossover

  CHARACTERS: Spike; Captain Jack Harkness, m/m slash if you squint, 

  LENGTH: 250,

  PROMPT: Fandom: Torchwood/Buffy; Characters: Jack Harkness/Spike; Premise: A case of mistaken identity occurs when Jack meets Spike and mistakes him for John Hart. Angst, perhaps? Prompt is a result of this post This is also in that series which, if you're following the titles, should really have given you the answer as to where I'm getting the inspiration for them from. 

  A/N: Ok, so this is the first of the ~ would you call them sponsored? ~ fics, for which someone is donating to a_phoenixdragon's GoFundMe here . Hopefully I've come up with something good enough to earn the money; if not well I will be contributing it myself. This was requested luckweaver as a gift for elisi . Had to sit down and finally watch some Torchwood; specifically the eps with Captain John Hart in them, though not because he's in here because prompt... ending is deliberately open so if you want to imagine stuff; go imagine. 


     Spike looked over Tiger Bay; wished he'd come here when it was worth something, and wondered where in Hell's name Blue was.

   Someone was yelling, “John!

   He'd known a pain that visceral himself; day he thought of going back and could only see her face on that bathroom floor, long since swallowed by the Pacific, that made that pain an every moment experience.

   Could be something as simple as Blue's inner Fred of course, but whatever had brought him here, should have brought her too.

   A fist drug him painfully back to reality; nearly knocked him into the water too, if not for the fist turning into a hand that grabbed his ankle; saving him from a severe wetting.

   They stared at each other for a few moments; one looking confused, as he passed from fury to mere puzzlement, the other just confused from a brain wobble that he'd have been proud to have received from Ali himself.


   “You going to pull me up then, beautiful?


   Finally face to face with his bushwacker, Spike was told, “You even sound like him.


   “Remind you of someone, do I?


   He waved a hand, mumbled something about hair; sounding as if he was crying without shedding. Man was on the edge.


   “Vamp could do with a good cuppa, “ he suggested to the retreating back of an old-fashioned RAF greatcoat, though he regretted adding that he liked it, when the guy seemed to physically sob.


   “Darjeeling. I'll show you to the rift in the morning.



    Goddess watch over us all in these dark times,


    Kerk Hiraeth



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TITLE: Haimischer Vampir

AUTHOR: kerkevik_2014

FANDOM: BtVS/Supernatural X-Over 

CHARACTERS: Sam Winchester; Spike; 


PROMPT: Inspired by the current (for some time now) challenge at open_on_sunday #616: soap, but obviously far too long to fit there. Also inspired by the list of interests on aaronlisa 's profile page, which I was perusing as it is her birthday, and I was looking for ideas for possible gift-fics; one listed is buffyverse/supernatural (I presume x-over) fic.

Not sure at what stage in Supernatural this is set as I stopped watching abruptly at the end of S3, but I understand that both Winchester brothers have been dead at some point, so this is set at whatever time Sam is alone and hunting.



Sam leant down and picked up the strange smelling soap; lifted it to his face; whirling when a voice came out of the darkness.


Wouldn't do that mate.


Searching the darkness, Sam could see nothing; nor hear a breath. Then a cigarette light lit the face of – he readied to leap as he realised the figure was a vampire.


Who seemed strangely unconcerned about him, asking, after taking a drag of his cigarette, “You a hunter?


Sam nodded cautiously; still ready to attack, but wondering why a Vampire would make himself known when he could have killed without Sam even being aware he was there; not that he didn't have experience of unusual vampires.


You're a Winchester, ain't'cha?” Adding; offering a cigarette to Sam as he did so. “Your Dad nearly bagged me once; good man.


When Sam made no immediate move to relax, the vampire shrugged and gestured at the soap that Sam had dropped, “Won't be back for a while yet; might as well get some rest.


Sam risked a glance downward; then looked quizzically at the vampire, who grinned. “Made a deal with a demon to save his life; soap's made from some of his family members; figured he won't be able to resist.


Sam relaxed a little, but made no move to approach. Didn't seem to bother the vampire; who looked unusual in any case, but seemed to need to talk now he had a companion. He jumped when a bottle of beer was thrown to him, which he caught automatically.


Thank you,” making the vampire grin with his first words, Sam reached into a pocket for his swiss army knife.


He talks!


Raising a bottle of his own, he raised it; muttering, “To your Dad, eh?


Sam nodded, and lifted his bottle to his lips; trying to figure the creature out.


Where's your brother?


The creature seemed to sense Sam's distress, because he didn't press the issue; just shifting over a little to allow Sam to join him on the ledge he was sitting on; if he chose to do so.


Sam, truculently, and determindly taciturn, gestured at the soap.


The vampire took a drink, and a drag, before replying. “They were in Treblinka; feel kinda bad about killing him, but he didn't stop at Nazis. Been killing for seventy years; figured it was time to stop him.


Which was more info than Sam expected to get but, since it was pretty much why Sam had been hunting the demon; or whatever he should be called, he decided to join the vampire on the ledge. Company would be nice for once.


Chocolate bars and crisps ~ er chips in the backpack if you're hungry.


Sam nodded, but just leaned back against the wall.


Finally he said; almost inaudibly, “We should deal with him between us.


The vampire nodded; offering Sam his hand again; which he took this time.


Name's Spike,” Sam took the offered cigarette; lighting it.




May the Goddess watch over us all,

Kerk TehKek



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