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   It has taken me a while to decide on this post, as I wished to combine the musical choice with some news about my name change; also some musings on my identity generally . 

  Back in August, after many months of searching I finally came up with what I hoped to be my new name to be; announced in this post 

  A few days ago I finally managed to re-connect with the originator of the name TehKek; satisfying myself that I could indeed go ahead with using her online name as one of my new ones (now, of course, I have to discover the processes, and seek competent assistance for same, of changing my name to the new one; which WILL be Kerkevik TehKek Hiraeth. 

 I shall be mostly using the shortened version, which most people use, Kerk; also answering to Ray, where people in RL will no doubt continue to find that more readily memorable. I also need to practice on pronouncing my surname correctly - the top one here is the one closest to one I heard on a programme about the Aberfan disaster; used by a survivor in the programme. Steffan sound more gloomy, and less melancholic, than her pronunciation, but his is the closest to hers i Have found to be readily available 

 I'm getting closer, but it still feels not quite right to my ears; hearing her voice as a guide. 

 Also, I have come to realise in recent weeks that while I'm kinda stuck with being male; for reasons of not wanting to hurt the feelings of Trans folk generally, I shall not going into too much depth as to why; when I was a teen, I never pursued a desire to be female. 

 Not a woman; female. Big difference to me, but it means that I also don;t feel able to consider myself Trans either, In fact, I still rather like a word for myself that the Trans community at large seems to consider offensive. I find this a pity, as Tranny has always felt such a descriptively happy word to me; so much more descriptive of me as well. However, it's not one I'll be using for myself too often as Queer pretty much describes every form of identity I need for my own peace of mind. 

 Now to the song, When I Was a Boy by Dar Williams; who will be providing at least one more song for this meme, when it was supposed to be only two. This song seems to be the most appropriate for this combined post anyway. 

 It has the added advantage, in terms of this performance, of being the first time I will have heard it; together with the first time I have officially announced a couple of things in this post. 

 As I said, appropriate. 


 Goddess preserve us all in these dark times, 


 Kerk(evik) TehKek Hiraeth 

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  This started seeping into my mind when I'd just started to decide on the previous entry. It is still, after the Cafe Jam scene the moment which is my fondest memory of this much under-rated movie. One in my mind, it had to be included here. 


  And that guy in the pic there? Hard to believe that's the boy that became the man in ER & From the Earth to the Moon. What an under-rated talent he is.

  Goddess preserve us in these dark times, 


  Kerk(evik) Teh Kek Hiraeth 

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  Greatest kudos to the guy who did the complete march; last year as well, using a walker. 

  Goddess watch over us all, 


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Mpho Tutu: Choosing between the church and being gay

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  I believe the Donna said it best. 


  Goddess watch over us all, even those who hate. 


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  For anyone who might be able to make it, or knows someone who might be interested.

  Goddess watch over us all, 


  Kerk TehKek 
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 Woman Surprises Her Girlfriend With The News She Will Be Her Kidney Donor 










 And an update 


 Okay, now I'm crying 


 Tara banner courtesy of clarahow 
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Huge turnout for mass resignation from Mormon church after new discriminatory LGBT policy

In early November, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced a new policy—natural and adopted children of same-sex parents would no longer be baptized in the church. In response to the new policy, which Mormon church leaders said was necessary to protect innocent children, attorney (and former Mormon) Mark Naugle planned a mass resignation event for November 14, 2015.​ The event took off and as of this weekend, around 1,500 members had already resigned:

About 1,500 Latter-day Saints have submitted letters of resignation from the Mormon Church to protest a new policy barring children of married same-sex couples from being baptized until they are adults, movement organizers said on Sunday.

More than 1,000 people gathered on Saturday near the Salt Lake City headquarters of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) to protest the policy they see as discriminatory and harmful to families, with many standing in long lines to submit their resignations, they said.

Attendee Brooke Swallow said LDS policies that discriminate just tear families apart:

"It is difficult for people to leave the Church. It takes people a long time to make this decision. It is a well-thought-out one and it is not taken lightly," said Brooke Swallow, one of the organizers of the Saturday protest.

"The people in the Mormon Church are finding that this is not a Christ-centered policy," Swallow added. "This is a policy that is about the people at the top, and their views and prejudices, and they are not thinking through what this will do long-term to families."

Another rally is scheduled for November 21st. From the Utah Rally for Love, Equality, Family and Acceptance Facebook page:

There is a new generation rising here in Utah! We rally together on November 21st, to show our state, and our nation, that we stand together as a community dedicated to believing that everyone deserves Love, Equality, Family, and Acceptance In large numbers our voice will be heard; it is up to EVERY ONE OF US to be the voice of change.

At noon, we will meet on the steps of Capitol Hill where will we have a number of community activist speak to the crowd. At 1:45pm, we will walk together to the LDS Church office building. We will show Utah the impact of peaceful protesting, by wrapping around the LDS Church office building since this is a leadership decision, in a human circle, holding hands, uniting one another.
12:00 PM: Rally @ State Capitol 

1:45 PM Peaceful walk to the blocks around the LDS Church office building that are public property, not the plaza on the west side of the office building. We will have markers up so no one gets in trouble 

At the time of this article, approximately 1,300 people had shown an “interest” in attending. Those numbers may swell throughout the week. Stay tuned!

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These Men Have Just Become Ireland’s First Gay Married Couple
OR IN IRELAND Comhghairdeas
( ppronounced co-gar-jes) 
is 'congratulations.'

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YES! CONGRATS to Mayor Jackie Biskupski elected as first openly gay mayor of City -

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Ok, fairy genie queen, my three wishes are...

1. That I become a woman.
2. That I am thirty years younger.
3. That Ellen Page and I fall in love and live happily ever after.

That'll do me for today.



Nooooo! Why in the name of all the Heavens would I want to become straight?



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