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Live Rewatch begins at 8 PM EST (that's 1 AM to me in the UK). Come join us for silliness and discussion!

Another classic this week; very unlikely I'll be able to make it myself, but go along and support if you can.

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  As those of you, if there are any, still reading this will know some hardy souls have been keeping the live rewatches alive. This week in approxinately 24 hours it will be 5x13 For the Uniform 

 Only one live rewatch now and that begins at 8 PM EST (that's 1 AM to me in the UK). 
Come join us for silliness and discussion! 

 I say one live rewatch, because there is no actual reason why those of you who cannot make the live rewatches, cannot organise impromptu rewatches, or discussion; not necessarily connected to that week's episode, of your own. Courtesy would say let the group know, but that is up to you peeps. 

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  Some wonderful and dedicated souls have been keeping the rewatches going while I've been doing a Sisko; though not so handsomely. 

  Only one now and that begins at 8 PM EST (that's 1 AM to me in the UK). 
Come join us for silliness and discussion! 

  kerk hiraeth 
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   Before it is too late I thought I should add another song to this meme. 

   I've always experienced a sense of loss and resigned continuation from this, 

   Today,as I prepared to find this video again I found myself experienceing a bitter sense of the loss of  innocence about the world's progress to the hoped for future seen in worlds from Gene Roddenberry to Joss Whedon. 

   I've lost friends; fans of Star Trek; Star Wars; Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Doctor Who, because of their inexplicable support of Donald Trump. 

   The loss I sense will of course be powerfully familiar to far too many people in this world. 

   Anyway, here is #4 Dilerzim by Koma Berçem 


  Goddess preserve us in these dark times,  


  Kerk(evik) TehKek Hiraeth 

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Then check this post out.

Just over an hour (that's two hours he's just realised) before we should be getting underway, so don't delay.


ps. start time is 1am, not midnight GMT as I implied at first. Sorry.
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here is the second in what, I hope, will be a year-long series; starting last night with this poem - - to bridge the gap between the yearly US National Poetry Months.

This I found in a 2013 collection; edited by Hamish Whyte, called Scottish Cats.

Little Drama by Gerry Cambridge (born 1959)

A bonny night. I step outside ande gaze,
Head back in autumn dark, up into space,
Where stars between the clouds burn with quiet praise,
And think for whatever reason of your face.

Fine thoughts beneath those glittering Pleiades.
Regrets. Goodbyes. The largeness of the night
Summons easy nostalgia for futilities,
Free from the searching glare of window light.

But what's this, suddenly, about my feet,
Rubbing at my ankles? It's the old, black fat tom
Unusually affectionate, startling from
Revery, ragged-eared, with his small thunder.
Is it mere love, or food he wants, I wonder?
His presence somehow makes the night complete.

This one goes out to all shippers, but mostly to that original 'ship Kirk/Spock and the longest lasting Buffyverse 'ship; known as bangel, or Buffy/Angel. Never really liked Kirk or Angel; never got why Angel was so attractive as a partner for Buffy (nor Spike did I really get; despite liking Spike a whole lot more), but the longevity of these partnerships in fandom are undoubtedly part of why the shows were such successes.

Goddess watch over us all,
'tis ok to be Takei,


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