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I learned today that a beloved friend lost a beloved friend of her own. She and that friend's sister are in pain just now. I'm feeling pain of my own; for them, and for the furry friends I've lost over the years.

For Tibby and Tuppence; for Bimbo and Tessa; for Tiger; Snowy and Pharoah, and many I knew who must be gone to pastures new where they can chase cars, and mice, or rabbits.

This is for Kira; whom I never met, for Arline and her other furry friend Chloe.

This is also for Amber Benson and the character she made live, over whom Arline and I bonded.

Poem for a cat I never met

I touch them as they snuggle; feeling tears for you
I remember friends I have lost who comforted me as they do;
feeling tears for you
I recall a Rabbit who made me cry; outwitting one of them;
feeling tears for when you made her laugh
I know they are lost; I felt lost when they died; whom I loved
I know that these three who have stolen my heart will
one day
make me feel these tears, as they feel tears
Tears I feel for you
though I never met you
I knew you because they loved you
Farewell; friend. Rest now by the fire, and sleep.

for Arline, my friend; Chloe who is still with her,
and for
GrPr. Devorgilla Morgan - Kira - 03/02/97 - 28/03/15.

Goddess watch over us all,
'tis ok to be Takei,
Kerk TehKek


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