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   Final one for December 25th was originally intended to be the final one of this series, but as I'm still a few short so that plan has failed,,, 

   Described as her attempt at a holiday song it's still one of my favourites of all time. 


   This is a new version of the video to me, which I will have to watch properly later as I still have to get down to the war memorial to pay my xmas respects; having run out of time for the weather to improve. 

   Goddess preserve us all in these dark times, 

   Kerk Hiraeth 

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  Been very neglectful of this over the last few days. Anyway this one; key lyric, "I will not be afraid of women" , was always going to be the next one. A favourite of mine since discovering Dar Williams when I still lived down in Devon; so something like twenty years ago maybe, it will not be the last Dar Williams track I post before the Solstice. 


I Will Not Be Afraid of Women

Dar Williams – As Cool As I Am Lyrics

Yea, there was a time I didn't like the love, I liked the climbers,
I was no sister then, I was running out of time and one liners,
And I was afraid, like you are when you're too young to know the time, and
So I watched the way you take your fear and hoard the horizon,
You point, you have a word for every woman you can lay your eyes on,
Like you own them just because you bought the time,
And you turn to me, you say you hope Im not threatened,

Oh, I'm not that petty, as cool as I am, I thought you'd know this already,
I will not be afraid of women, I will not be afraid of women.

So now were at a club, you watch the woman dancing, she is drunk,
She is smiling and shes falling in a slow, descending funk,
And the whole bar is loud and proud and everybody's trying, yeah.
You play the artist, saying, "Is it how she moves, or how she looks?"
I say, its loneliness suspended to our own like grappling hooks,
And as long as shes got noise, shes fine.
But I could teach her how I learned to dance when the musics ended,

Oh, and thats not petty, as cool as I am, I thought you'd know this already,
I will not be afraid of women, I will not be afraid of women.

You tried to make me doubt, to make me guess, tried to make me feel like a little less,
Oh, I liked you when your soul was bared, I thought you knew how to be scared,
And now its amazing what you did to make me stay,
But truth is just like time, it catches up and it just keeps going,

And so Im leaving, you can find out how much better things can get,
And if it helps, Id say I feel a little worse than I did when we met,
So when you find someone else, you can try again, it might work next time,
You look out of the kitchen window and you shake your head and say low,
"If I could believe that stuff, Id say that woman has a halo,"
And I look out and say, "Yeah, shes really blond,"
And then I go outside to join the others, I am the others,

Oh, and that's not easy, I don't know what you saw, I want somebody who sees me,
I will not be afraid of women, I will not be afraid of women.
Songwriters: DAR WILLIAMS

Lyrics term of use

  Goddess preserve us in these dark times, 


  Kerk(evik( TehKek Hiraeth 


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