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   Posted these two on facebook earlier (not sure how I could, because I am logged out) but still 

   Yesterday I lay in the same position, in the dark; yes it got dark that early; apart from comforting my worried cats for hours upon end. I did get up to feed them, but I ate all the food and drink I had left so I wouldn't have to move; probably unintentionally. It offends me even more hearing Clinton has won the popular vote, and journalists were wondering how long it would be before we saw a tearful Hillary. Just when America seems like it can't sink any lower; it does not let me down. It has lost any remaining right it ever had to call itself the moral arbiter of the world.


   Sorry, I am very angry; far angrier than I was even with the Brexit vote resulted from the same well spring of false moral authority. We stood alone, so you should listen to us; forgetting that we sold Czecho-Slovakia to the Nazis, and never lifted a finger to help the Poles and sent thousands of eastern europeans back behind the Iron Curtain, rather than have to keep them in the purity of England. I am so disgusted right know; so angry and having to hold my temper so hard it is keeping depression from hitting me too hard.

   Three network (mu mobile USB is theirs) is down right now, so when I can't get online at the library I can't get online. No money at all until Monday, but the cats have all they need until I get my next money. 

   I don't have the right to hurt myself, even were I so inclined anymore. 

   I don't have to worry about a loved one going to the corner store and getting shot. 

  And I could go on, but really what's the point? 
  My thoughts have been on [personal profile] moscow_watcher  speaking to a Daily Show reporter, protesting Putin; who has got even scarier since then, and has now successfully stolen an election in the heartland of his enemies. 

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  I'm going home. 
  I can't do life today. 
  I can't imagine ever wanting to write anything again. 
  How can I, when I need some hope to believe in. 

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   First thing I see on the BBC news page?


   Two years younger than me. 

   I actually think I hate 2016 with an irrational vindictive desire to afflict hurt kind of way.



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