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  So it appears that LiveJournal has a new User Agreement. LJ had some scheduled maintenance today, and when the site came back up there was a box over the front page, prompting approval for the new terms. I read the terms and was somewhat concerned. There was a button for "Not Now," but when I clicked that I was prompted to log out. So, yes, I agreed, because I was afraid I would lose all access to my journal until I agreed.

These are the two paragraphs in the new Agreement that concern me:

6.3 Please note that in accordance with part 3 Article 10.1 of the Federal Act of the Russian Federation No. 149-ФЗ the Administration shall keep the following information and provide it upon the lawful request of the competent authorities regardless of Users will:

6.3.1 any information related to receipt, transfer, delivery and/or processing of voice information, written texts, images, sounds, video and other electronic messages of Users and information on Users who performed the above actions, within one year upon performing such actions;


8.4 Please note that the Community (the Community’s page) within 24 hours, the Community Owner shall be subject to Article 10.2 of the Federal Act of the Russian Federation No. 149-ФЗ if more than three thousand Internet users access.

These paragraphs are bolded in the Agreement, seeming to indicate that they are new. And before anyone says "BUT THEY COULD DO THAT ALREADY IF THEY WANT TO," ... yes. I know that.

The point is -- while the LJ servers were in the U.S., they were subject to U.S. laws. Now that the servers are in Russia ... LJ users are subject to Russian Federation law? Because that's how I'm reading it.

 Still not sure what to do, but I'm thinking I'll sign; save what I need to; then it's sayonara lj for me. 

 And that saddens me almost as much as finding out the oid willtara yahoo group had disappeared. 


Date: 3 Apr 2017 23:28 (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] the_rck
I googled the the second statute. As far as I can tell, it's focused on reposting of copywrited material, so it would hit scans, vids, etc. I'm less worried about that than the bit where they say that they can send you any sort of advertising they want to, including third party ads, at your email address.

Date: 3 Apr 2017 23:32 (UTC)
the_rck: (Default)
From: [personal profile] the_rck
I may end up doing that, too. You can't cross post at all unless you sign the agreement, and I would like to tell people I'm leaving.

Date: 4 Apr 2017 06:20 (UTC)
beer_good_foamy: (Default)
From: [personal profile] beer_good_foamy
Still not sure what to do, but I'm thinking I'll sign; save what I need to; then it's sayonara lj for me.

Same here, unless the DW import function still works, in which case I won't bother with the "sign" part. Fuck'em. I've had it.

Date: 4 Apr 2017 18:58 (UTC)
elisi: (Default)
From: [personal profile] elisi
Do whatever is bets for you.

Here is a post you might find useful:

How to Move to Dreamwidth and Like It

And I would seriously consider posting your fic to AO3. It's a much better platform for organising it, and if you do it bit by bit, it should get rec'd on the Sunnydale Herald. :)

Date: 4 Apr 2017 20:20 (UTC)
elisi: (Eleven/Amy (foreheads) by meathiel)
From: [personal profile] elisi
Saw a post the other day; possibly even yesterday that someone felt A03 was close to imploding.
Huh? Not heard of that. But a wordpress might be nice if you're wary of AO3.

My main issue at the moment is how to move the ds9_rewatch comm to DW when I was only really intending to be a replacement Mod and don't really want to be doing it.
Hmmmm. Yes, I can understand that. But if they want to move, it's fairly straightforward I guess? I don't have any experience with moving comms.

Of course, I was almost in tears on the bus back from Perth today and I can't figure out why, so it could be depression talking.
Could be a combination of things. ((hugs)) Just turn off the news.

Date: 4 Apr 2017 20:53 (UTC)
elisi: (Default)
From: [personal profile] elisi
Woman_of has been on my mind; saving my early Who S5 posts there were several comments by her. I can feel tears in my eyes right now feeling I let her down.
I know how you feel, but even so try not to beat yourself up. I'm sure she wouldn't want that.

I need a hug icon over here...


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