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   Literally just come from my first proper hot meal since before xmas. I'd heard of this hot meal thing and I think I might try it again :-)

On the bus to Dundee now; got a weekly ticket so I hope to do some travelling around Tayside this week, and do some writing while I'm on the buses.

Cats are all stocked up; except for another big bag of cat litter until pretty much the end of next week, and I hope to make it down to Stirling at the weekend to catch a Glasgow City friendly at the Uni.

I want to start creating accounts under what will be my new name eventually. Feeling stressed and fuzzy beyond belief considering how energised I still feel from the Women's march the other Saturday. Disappointed I couldn;t make the protest last night; how did it go? Was anyone there?

Hoping this positivity lasts long enough to actually get some things done. we shall see.

Goddess watch over us in these troubled times,

kerk hiraeth

(OK, forget the literally; mobile internet keeps disconnecting so I've no idea when I'll get to actually press post)

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  #5 is a ghost/horror/fairytale story and had a major effect on me, because it led, when Blake's 7 finale came around, to me writing stories; any stories to cope with it. 

  The vinyl album I owned; greatest hits, was lost amongst others taken before I moved up to Scotland. At some point, and I seem to recall posting about it, it turned up on You Tube, and the memory of the song was so imprinted in my brain that every note was as I recalled it. 


  Goddess preserve us all in these dark times,  


  Kerk(evik) TehKek Hiraeth 


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