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Bought a bunch of DVDs with some temporary extra wealth a couple of weeks back.

This week I has been mostly watching S1 of The Newsroom; Brooklyn Nine-Nine & Glee.

Partway through Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but I love it a lot so far; very deadpan; very silly and not full of jokes, which never work for me. So far the Captain and the Sergeant are by far my faves; not least because the Sergeant is played by the same guy who plays a bodyguard, with a wonderful sense of humour, in The Newsroom; which was an added delight when I began watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

*wonders if a baseball game should be arranged between the Brooklyn Nine-Niners and the Deep Space Niners*

I utterly adore Glee; totally musical theatre set as a TV series. All the magic and overblown drama of a musical, with added snark. Remarkable how horrible Brittana's two characters were initially; also how really minor their roles were.

Also lovely to notice all the little signs that were there from their first appearances as to how their relationship develops. Looking forward to seeing Santana and Brittany grow as a couple. Having seen other things I am also finding myself really admiring Heather Morris' acting chops.

The plots are even more complicated than Soap's used to be :-)

As for The Newsroom... How that series survived past it's first season I'll never know!

Excellent writing.
Stunning acting (particularly loving Dev Patel)
Brutal honesty about the business and also the issues.
Seriously funny when it needs to be .
Actually cried; both times, I watched Amen (and must get hold of a copy of Rudy now, a movie of which I had not heard until I saw that episode.

Seriously though; how did it get a second season? It was so good it should have been killed off before it got halfway through!

So far The Newsromm 12/10
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 9/10
Glee 9/10

Also cried when Quinn's father kicked her out of home. Damn, that was a powerfully acted scene in what is supposed to be a silly show. She should have won and Emmy for that scene; as should Dev Patel for Amen.



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