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   I can't lie down without my back hurting. 
   I can't sit up; sit back; stand up - even go to the loo without my back hurting with every movement. 
   I can't walk without it hurting, but I have to feed my kittehs. 
   I can't stay in bed feeling sorry for myself, because they need me. 
   I Can't even refuse them when they want to climb on top of me; even though that causes pain. 
   I can't simply refuse the plaintive paw on my hand; though letting them up and hugging causes pain. 

  Love Hurts. 

  Really wanted to write something about Mercutio's Queen Mab speech from the 1996 William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet but I couldn;t find the clip on You Tube. Guess that'll have to wait. 

  In the meantime, something that's actually important as, slowly but surely, the lessons of the World War that plagued the world from the sparks in the Balkans in early 1900's until the fall of Saigon in 1975 are being forgotten and hatred and bigotry and genocidal murder are spreading again. 

  Whether it be Putin in Russia; Front Nationale in France; UKIP here in Britain, or Donald Trump in the US, we never seem to learn. 

  Never truer said than here :- 

  Goddess watch over us all, 


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Saw War Horse, the live cinema broadcast of a London theatre production, in Glasgow today with my friends, Amanda and Ciaran.

And it was a truly wonderful experience, that had me crying AND totally not seeing the people operating the puppet horses. I actually began to think of them as REAL!


Of course, despite some wonderfully supportive friends I, being a totally born-to-be drama queen had to do something to make things more interesting.

Today's late dramatic twist.

Leaving my laptop on Central Station after hugging Amanda goodbye; didn't even realise it until I was nearly at Ciaran's station on the line.

Gotta say though; even though I have to pay £20 to get it out of lost property tomorrow morning; the rail staff could NOT have been more friendly and helpful.

Top people, who I remember when a suitable occasion presents itself.

A good day, which I shall look forward to ending with a ds9_rewatch in about and hour and a half.

Glad I got over my very real depression of the last couple of days.

Goddess watch over us all,
'tis ok to be Takei,


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