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   TITLE: Casablanca

  AUTHOR: kerkevik_2014

  FANDOM: Buffy the Vampire Slayer;

  CHARACTERS: Buffy Summers; Faith Lehane,

  PAIRING: Buffy/Faith;

  WORD COUNT: 200,

  A/N: This is written for drabbletag6 request @ femslash100 by clarahow . It will also be posted at her comm femslashagenda . It is set in my 22!verse where, at this time, Faith and Buffy have been lovers for some time. There are references here back to Season Three's Graduation Day, Pts I & II .





     The target of her yell responded exactly as if she was made of the same material as the gravestone she was staring at.


     Buffy swept two vamps off their feet with one kick; dusting another before she could she could recover from dodging them.


     She yelled again; without getting any more of a response; noticable to her Slayer hearing anyway. Faith might have been a statue.


     There was a sob...


     and a groan...


     Which came from behind her.


     The one missing an ear was dusted as he tried to stand; last one fled past Faith into the woods.


     “Faith, what..?


     Buffy spotted the glistening trails on Faith's face; that what breathing she was doing was automatic, and laboured beyond description.


     It wasn't until she got a look at the inscription on the gravestone that she understood. 


     Of all the cemetaries in all the world...


     Buffy pulled her close and held her as Faith's conscience cracked open the dam and flooded into the open.


     She held back her own tears; helped by a deep sense of her own guilt.


     How many had died because she couldn't... 


     Wrapping her arms around Buffy, Faith finally wept over the Professor she had murdered.




   Goddess watch over us all,


   Kerk TehKek



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   TITLE: Initial Observations

  AUTHOR: kerkevik_2014

  FANDOM: Bones, pre-series,

  CHARACTERS: Angela Montenegro; Temperance Brennan,

  WORD COUNT: 100, written for clarahow to fill a drabbletag6 prompt at femslash100 .

  A/N: Requested by clarahow for drabbletag6 at femslash100, I've only just gotten around to writing something for this prompt; interweblessness is to be thanked for the opportunity to give this more thought.




      “How are you feeling...?” 4

      “Angela, please Prof..,” accepting the coffee, but maintaining her distance. 13

      “Call me Temperance,” after adding some spice to her own, asking, “you seemed upset today, ” 28

     Angela stirred her coffee; smiling, within. After a few moments contemplation she looked up. 42

     “I had an up... argument with my girlfriend.” 50

     Brennan nodded, but did not press. Angela matched eyes with her curiously. 62

     “You never thought it was that child's bones did you?” 72

     Brennan shook her head, “It seemed illogical that they would upset you that badly, yes.” 87

     “I understand you don't have a room, would you care to share mine?” 100




   Goddess watch over us all,


   Kerk TehKek



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TITLE: Proverb; 4:25

AUTHOR: kerkevik_2014

FANDOM: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (au)

CHARACTERS/PAIRING: Drusilla/Tara Maclay

PROMPT: femslash100 #481: bird



A/N: This is set in an AU version of the alternate universe created/not created (depending on your view of canon). I have written two longer fics based in this 'verse; these are included here with older links that will, hopefully before too long be replaced by ones more current. Comments can be left at these links, but I cannot receive any notifications from my old lj addresses; though I can check for any comments left. 10th February 2013
My Fic Challenge for 2013 #26 ~ Falling in Love Again: 1. Familiar Unfamiliarity 6th March 2013
My Fic Challenge for 2013 #35 ~ Falling In Love Again: 2. Shakespeare's Children


A/N 2: the full bible verse from which the title comes can be found here; the title version of it is a clue to events which will be more fully explored in a longer story, which has been too long delayed.


I like Big Bird better,” her sire complained.

She thought the tiny female perfect; recalling fear as she did the calculations in her head.

Taking care to note the necklace she desired; her sire, and the sunlight creeping through the forest canopy.

When all were where they needed to be, she utilised her newly acquired speed; grabbing the bird, and necklace, as she muttered a spell then, just before silencing her sire forever, she uttered a phrase she knew better than her own name.

Hush, or it'll really hurt.

Watching fascinated as Dru floated off on the dawn breeze, Tara settled back into the small cave to doze away the daylight hours; all the time planning her next moves, which would have nothing; yet, to do with Sunnydale, or whatever the town was her Dru had been dragging her new pet.

She kept her eye on the bird as it slowly; with what must be great confusion, turned back into a living, breathing creature; not the makeshift stake she had made of it.

Tara wasn't decided on what was to befall Daddy Dearest and her brother.

Cousin Bethany though? She knew exactly what she was going to make of her.



Goddess watch over us all,

Kerk TehKek



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  TITLE: Keeping It Clean 
  SPOILERS: set during comics pre-series story, 'Viva Las Buffy'. 
  RATING: PG-13 
  CHARACTERS: Buffy, Pike; 
  SUMMARY: Maintaining propriety in the face of illegal hormones is not easy. 

   "Hey, where's the soap?
   Pike recalled fetching a beer; swore. 
   "You there?
   He froze hearing a splash, tried desperately to keep his mind off the, possibly, naked fifteen year old Slayer coming to kill him. 
   He slumped, trying to feign sleep; wished he was as dead as the TV. 
   Pike listened as wet feet padded about, searching for; then finding, the soap. 
   Knowing she was standing over him he thought, 'Do I snore?
   He heard the sound of the door closing; then a soft splash. 
   Then Buffy tunelessly started in on, "I touch myself.
   Pike very nearly took the pledge. 

 Goddess watch over us all, 
 Kerk TehKek 

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TITLE: For the Team

AUTHOR: kerkevik_2014

FANDOM: Torchwood (written for tw100 prompt #365: rejected)

CHARACTER(S): Gwen Cooper



SUMMARY: Set post the death of Ianto Jones; Gwen reflects on the after effects.



Jack seemed as gone as Ianto.

He was getting dangerously obsessed with work.

His work, not theirs; stressed, vocally, to the point of fights on occasion.

He was morose; both depressed, and depressing, when he couldn't work.

Drunk too.

Gwen had thought she knew a way to start the healing.

She was both wrong... and right.

Consulting no-one, she seduced him; getting him fed and drunk, and naked.

But he sobered up before she had to carry her plan through any further.

She was relieved; if a little hurt that he actually turned her down.

He returned to the team though.



May the Goddess watch over us all,

Kerk TehKek


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Second of Two 


TITLE: Standing Still, Whilst Moving Forward

AUTHOR: kerkevik_2014


RATING: PG (written for open_on_sunday prompt #615: no regrets, but unable to post in time)


SUMMARY: Joyce's reflections after moving to Sunnydale.



She did miss LA's bustle, but Sunnydale's quiet streets were a boon.

The gallery was popular; filling her time, so her friends; absentee when she'd needed them, were not as much a loss as she'd expected.

The social life was disappointingly suburban; satisfying nothing. She was the boss, so not readily invited into the settled lives of her employees.

She felt relief that there was only the one child; but regret there were no more was still keen.

At least Buffy had found friends quickly, though she still seemed so quiet.

Sunnydale had no bookshop, so she proactively thought Book Club.



May the Goddess watch over us all,

Kerk TehKek


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TITLE: Fingering the Suspect

AUTHOR: kerkevik_2014

CHARACTERS/PAIRING: Caitlin Todd, Abby Sciuto, Cait/Abby;

GENRE: femslash



CHALLENGE: started for ncis_drabble #459: nose; completed and posted now since it works for #460: hands as well.

SUMMARY: Cait and Abby got a little friendly; too friendly?



Caitlin didn't bother reporting to her desk when she got in; heading straight down to the lab for words with Abby.

After last night words needed to be had.

No regrets, but she'd forgotten how much she needed some sex in her life.

Both had been less than sober, but Abby's scent had been too intoxicating.

For either of them.

She wasn't the first woman Kate had slept with, but Abby was too young; too free and too important a part of the team for sex to interfere in their work.

All she told herself as she watched Abby from the doorway, stunned.

If Abby knew she was there, she didn't let on.

She seemed too engrossed in whatever totally inappropriate material was on the screen.

The scent coming from Abby now was lube as she worked a vibrator in her ass; fingers of the other hand in her pussy.

Almost before she realised what she was doing; certainly without hope of stopping herself, Kate had her pants open; underwear pulled aside.

Her own fingers working assiduously in unity as she kept her gaze tunnel-visioned on Abby's; Kate reached her orgasm bare moments after Abby reached hers.

As her vision cleared, she saw Abby watching her with a smile as she redressed herself.

It was perfectly clear that Abby needed to have no words with her.

Back to work, “ she said unrepentantly, as Kate hurriedly fixed her own clothing and wandered, a little dazed, back upstairs.



May the Goddess watch over us all,

Kerk TehKek



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