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   Written by Jacques Brel about the Devil coming upstairs to check on his business interests, 

   Desmond Carrington played this on his very last Radio 2 show before he retired as a comment on the state of the world. 

   I cannot help but think he chose perfectly. 

   I can't think of anything cogent to say about the first of the Firefly cast to pass away. 

   In any case I think this says everything about how I feel today anyhow. 

   R.I.P. to Ron Glass and Shepherd Book. I guess we'll never know now. 

  Goddess preserve us all in these dark times, 



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   Always wanted to write some Shepherd Book; delve into who he had once been. I truly think he only utilised his past because he felt himself needed amongst the crew he found himself in; who so nearly broke him with his first experiences back out in the world, leading him to gain much needed salvation at Inara's hands. 


   TITLE: And from the Fire; shall the Spirit Rise

   AUTHOR: kerkevik_2014 / [personal profile] kerkevik_2014 

   FANDOM: Firefly,

   CHARACTERS: Shepherd Book,

   LENGTH: 100,

   SUMMARY: What was it that made the Shepherd?

   A/N: Been listening to's rewatchable Firefly podcasts and, thinking ahead from where I was, saw the man he was and, possibly, ever would be; the Preacher being giving Benediction by the Whore.


     The Operative span the top.

     It played a tune.

     Was years afore he knew what it was called.

     All he heard was that tinny rendition.

     All he smelt was the blood.

     All he saw were the children.


     They were all children.


     Picking up the Bible the Preacher had dropped he disappeared on his team.

     And, like the Lion, he lay down with the lambs.

     He warned Parliament not to pursue him; knew what they knew.

     Left alone; wandering until he found the Abbey.

     That day, he learned, the path to war was sealed.

     Asked his name, he answered simply.





    Goddess watch over us all, 


    Kerk(evik) TehKek Hiraeth





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