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The ninth, and penultimate story in this series about Dawn & Lisa is almost a mirror of the previous. This time we get a look at the close relationship between Lisa and her Father who, in my head canon, are almost more friends than father and daughter; becoming so when her mother died very early in Lisa's life.


TITLE: Blood Ties

AUTHOR: kerkevik_2014

FANDOM: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (femalehusband!verse)

PAIRING: Dawn/Lisa

PROMPT: femslash100 #479: letter



A/N: Trillium is at the centre of a triangle of Hellmouth's, situated in Cleveland; Syracuse and Washington DC; known as the Tri-mouth, it has become the main base for the Slayer's. Another base has been established near London, under the command of Kennedy; others will, in time, follow.



Lisa had always kept a diary; written letters to her mom, often shared with her dad.

She also wrote lyrics; especially as her love of the more theatrical musical genres came to appeal more and more, delighting her when she was able to tease Dawn about her boyband fixations.

She won an essay contest with an essay about Oscar Wilde: Byron and Edgar Allen Poe, which won a hurried meeting between her teachers and father, before they, chastened, by his forceful support of her, allowed to enter it into the statewide contest.

He recognised it helped her deal with the loss of a mother she had never known; being too young to have any memories of her. He also saw her develop into a more intellectually confident version of her mother; indeed he found it fascinating and tearfully beautiful to see the woman he'd loved being reborn before his eyes.

So, as he listened between the pauses in their telephone conversations, he determined not to lose the woman his daughter had a chance of becoming; so full of potential, to the narrow-mindedness of his wife's family.

So he began to write her a letter, from her mother.

And himself.



Goddess watch over us all,

Kerk TehKek




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