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I hope you are all safe.

Not my cat, but myself and mine will be waiting for news. 

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  Recently i decided that, rather like some of my stories, my muse started to tell me I was telling the wrong one. 

  I began to see I was looking for the wrong name, so I thought, and decided that TehKek should be the middle name I thought I was searching for. 

 Thus Kerkevik TehKek ????? 

 Then I saw this in my lj inbox. 


 So... Kerkevik Tehkek Hiraeth  ~  Kerk for short, and a link, if you squint, to my birth-name; also a character I called and called Rae something like two decades ago when I wrote a few original stories. 

 What do you think? 

 Spread the word; feedback on this would be much appreciated. 

 Goddess watch over us all, 


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The puppy rescuers of Alexandria

The Puppy Rescuers of Alexandria )
  • 9 August 2016
Mariem Taha and Babsy RockImage copyrightMARIEM TAHA
Image captionMariem Taha, her daughter and Babsy Rock

"No one can tell you that we are a nation without hope."

Words from a viral Facebook post in praise of Egyptian animal lovers who acted to save a puppy that was trapped under large stone boulders for more than three weeks.

The puppy had reportedly been abandoned to a slow lingering death by its owners. But a group of volunteers banded together to mobilise a rescue mission which hundreds of thousands followed on social media.

Dog trapped under some bouldersImage copyrightASHRAF SULTAN / IMGUR
Image captionRescuers stepped in when the puppy was left to die by its owners

The story begins in early July when Mariem Taha, a 36-year-old resident of Egypt's port city Alexandria, began to hear the unsettling sound of whimpering when she was at a cafe on the famous sea front corniche.

"It was very upsetting sound so I asked the cafe owner what it was, " Taha told BBC Trending, "He said that on the previous day some people had a come with a puppy and the puppy had fallen in between the gaps of the of some stone boulders. The people then abandoned the puppy. The whimpering was very upsetting so I decided to go in search of the puppy.

"The first three days I could hear the puppy but I couldn't see her. So I wasn't sure where to throw food for her, and she may have been scared. By the third day, she was familiar with my voice so she appeared in the gaps. I couldn't reach for her but I could feed her. I decided to name her Babsy Rock."

Taha returned daily to feed Babsy Rock but couldn't work out a way to rescue her. So she turned to a Facebook group called 'Save Innocent Souls'. The group was known to be frequented by animal welfare activists. A post requesting help was met with several people offering to help.

The progress of the rescue was documented on social media and this gallery has been viewed more than 300,000 times online on the photo sharing site IMGUR.

Dog rescueImage copyrightREEM MANSOUR FACEBOOK

After persistent lobbying, the local authority sent a crane to aid the rescue.

craneImage copyrightREEM MANSOUR

And Babsy Rock was finally freed having spent a total of around 25 days under the rocks.

puppy with rescuerImage copyrightIMGUR
Image captionVolunteer with Babsy Rock

The rescuers told Mariem of Dr Mahmoud Abdelmaksoud a local vet who did check up on Babsy Rock.

Dr AbdelmaksoudImage copyrightAMR HOSNY PHOTOGRAPHY
Image captionDr Abdelmaksoud has been described as a hero

"Dr Abdelmaksoud is an incredible man, a hero. Many volunteers call him to check up on the animals they have rescued and he offers his services for free," says Mau Hamada, who is the founder of one of the animal rescue groups in Alexandria. Hers is called Animal Zone and she says that they are completely volunteer based, and accept no donations.

"Social media was crucial in the rescue of Babsy Rock. Mariem's posts on Facebook mobilised a lot of us volunteers and many people pitched in with the rescue. A lot of information is shared on digital platforms so that we can do our work," Hamada told Trending, "There are dozens of people in Alexandria helping to rescue animals, they either work in self-organised groups like us or individually."

Campaigners have often been critical of Egypt's record on animal welfare. Mau Hamada says that there a range of factors which can result in the mistreatment of animals; "the fear of stray animals, sadistic individuals and some people that say that dogs are not a welcome part of Islam, although they are in the minority."

rescued dogImage copyrightMARIEM TAHA
Image captionBabsy Rock at Mariem Taha's house post rescue

But there was a happy ending for Babsy Rock who has been adopted by Mariem Taha. And how is she doing now?

"She's very naughty," laughs Taha.

Blog by Megha Mohan and additional reporting by Abdirahim Saeed 

  Goddess watch over us all,  

  Instead of my usual here; to honour these wonderful people I put this... 


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  Greatest kudos to the guy who did the complete march; last year as well, using a walker. 

  Goddess watch over us all, 


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Down to £40 until the 20th and this is when I choose to lose my last two pairs of glasses! Fiver for one pair is the best I can do in Blair unless I’m prepared to use a broken pair that I have to sit back on my idiotic loser face every few seconds.

Payback for the weekend I guess.
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   The Brexit vote did not make this; but it has made this kind of hatred legitimate. The BBC's constant allowance of UKIP into political debates which their support did not warrant is partly to blame for this as well. They have always been a racist party; little different than the BNP; NF: Britain First, or The British Union of Fascists in the thirties. 

   We fought and defeated it then; we can do it now. 

   Calling it Islamaphobia makes it seem less nasty as well. It is Racism!


Iain Keith - Avaaz Unsubscribe

12:41 AM (11 minutes ago)
to me

The Sun newspaper has launched a shocking attack on Channel 4 just because newsreader Fatima Manji reported on terrorism while wearing a headscarf. Fatima has already lodged a formal complaint -- let’s stand with her against racism and create the biggest ever mass complaint to the press watchdog. Join now: 

Dear Avaazers,

A columnist for The Sun newspaper launched an abhorrent rant just because a Muslim was wearing a headscarf while presenting the news for Channel 4. The hate in our news is shocking, but we can help stamp out the racist headlines.

Former Sun editor, Kelvin MacKenzie wrote he could hardly believe his eyes when he saw Fatima Manji was reporting on the terror attack in Nice. “Was it appropriate for her to be on camera when there had been yet another shocking slaughter by a Muslim?” he asked Sun readers, and in doing so, used the megaphone of the UK’s largest newspaper to smear all Muslims as violent attackers. It's shocking news -- perpetuating a climate of fear and hate to sell papers -- but we can call it out.   

Now Fatima is standing against the hate with a complaint to the national press watchdog, and if we can help her turn it into the biggest ever mass-outcry against racist media, it could trigger reforms to stop the hateful headlines. 

Let’s stand with Fatima!! Sign the petition, and send a message to the Independent Press Standards Organisation, then forward this email widely:

In Fatima's response, she said: "He has attempted to smear 1.6 billion Muslims in suggesting they are inherently violent. I will not be deterred... by the efforts of those who find the presence of Muslims in British cultural life offensive." 

Britain has seen a sharp rise in xenophobic incidents following the poisonous Brexit campaign, whose leaders stoked racial tensions. A shocking 500 reports of hate crime were recorded by police within a week following the EU referendum. We must tackle the toxic propaganda spewed by the likes of Kelvin MacKenzie and name it for what it is. 

Britain’s press regulation is controlled by powerful editors who likely want The Sun to get off with a slap on the wrists, but if thousands of us back Fatima’s complaint to IPSO, we can either force it to take action, or reveal that it's toothless and demand reform to deters this kind of media. So let's use our own megaphone of love and unity to show that we welcome British diversity, we don't judge one's clothes, but actions. 

Let's unite in celebration of our diversity and call on IPSO to make an example of  MacKenzie, and to hold the editors at The Sun to account. Sign the petition, send a message and share with everyone you know:
We’ve already built a giant call for Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre to step down over his campaign of hatred against foreigners. Now let’s demand action against The Sun’s racism and take a step towards the media our country needs and deserves! 

With hope and solidarity, 

Iain, Bert, Fatima, Will and the whole Avaaz team 

More information:

Fatima Manji complains over Kelvin MacKenzie hijab remarks (BBC)

Kelvin MacKenzie's column (The Sun)

ITN files official complaint with press watchdog over Fatima Manji comments in The Sun (Independent)

Met police received more than 500 reports of hate crimes after Brexit vote (The Guardian) 

Avaaz is a 44-million-person global campaign network
 that works to ensure that the views and values of the world's people shape global decision-making. ("Avaaz" means "voice" or "song" in many languages.) Avaaz members live in every nation of the world; our team is spread across 18 countries on 6 continents and operates in 17 languages. Learn about some of Avaaz's biggest campaigns here, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

You became a member of the Avaaz movement and started receiving these emails when you signed "Safe zone for Syrians, now!" on 2015-03-20 using the email address
To ensure that Avaaz messages reach your inbox, please add to your address book. To change your email address, language settings, or other personal information, contact us, or simply go here to unsubscribe.

To contact Avaaz, please do not reply to this email. Instead, write to us at or call us at +1-888-922-8229 (US).
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   Marching in Belfast on the 6th of August  Trains and room sorted for that. 

   There's a free weekend before Glasgow  for which I might be able to arrange cheaper travel and accommodation, but marching on the 20th whatever. 

   Weekend after there's  on the 27th; followed on the 3rd of September by   for which it looks as though I shall have to stay in Belfast and bus or train it on the day. 

   Marching for Marriage Equality in Northern Ireland; Trans Rights and, of course, Orlando. If I can find the means I will also try to register my support for BlackLivesMatter as well. 

   Busy, busy, busy... 

   But hopefully it will be worth it. 

     Goddess watch over us all, 

     Remember alway It's Ok to be 

     Kerk TehKek

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  Thought long and hard, but this needed to be written. PLEASE be aware this gets VERY dark!


 Originally inspired by a femslash100 prompt; this refused to go anywhere near where I, or the potential recipient would have wished.

 MAJOR warnings for torture, and rape. Please don't read if this will hurt you; I felt Fred's rage, not at the writer's though, when Tara was killed, and hope never to go where she so very nearly went. I wrote that story; will re-write it eventually, and will re-post it even though  I am ashamed to have written the ending I did. This is a more calculated; speculative look at where the kind of blind agonised rage that Willow experience can take you if you don't hold it in check.

 Thus the cut.


So sorry; just realised I forgot the cut! )


    Goddess watch over us all,


    Kerk TehKek


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  Deselect his racist and homophobic ass NOW! 


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  Come on NI Even coming in last means you finished the race.


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      This is dedicated to two of my best supporters, elisi and red_satin_doll; also to a character I only realised I really liked after he was gone. It's also dedicated to all the veterans who have served and sacrificed so people like me have the freedom to say we will not kill.

      I owe them my gratitude for that freedom.



   TITLE: Comforting Contemplations

   AUTHOR: kerkevik_2014

   CHARACTERS: Buffy Summers; Riley Finn; Joyce Summers; Spike; Dawn Summers; Lisa;

   LENGTH: 500

  SUMMARY: This is set in the 22'verse; it's an anniversary, but not a significant one. Buffy is coming to a crossroads in her life; all her partners have partners; families; lives outside the war they are constantly fighting, and she is missing them, but is she as alone as she thinks; or as lonely as she believes?



   Riley started to apologise, but she cut him off; she knew the game. Besides she was a soldier too, and all her lovers were in danger all the time as well.


   She wasn't married to any of them, of course; nor did she have any children.


   Which she did...




   “Sorry mom, “ she whispered, or thought she had. He asked her to speak louder; jungles not being as quiet as they were in the movies.


   Buffy grinned; glad that he couldn't see how tired she was. “Forget about it, Finn; go get her, “ adding, with a twinkle in her voice, matching that in her eyes, “If she hasn't escaped and tied them all up by herself by the time you get there.


   He would never know her pain at hearing his laugh from nearly a thousand kilometres away; she could hear the Huey coming to collect him too.


   “You know it, Buff.


   And he was gone.

   And she was going to be alone on her birthday. Her head leant to one side as she regarded her mom's picture; the only one she had of the four of them together. Snorting, she wondered once again why she kept it; wasn't as if it was the real thing, Dawnie had found it on the internet on a relative's social pages.


   She knew why of course. It was also the only picture of their father that their mom kept, because it was taken on the last holiday they had together before Dawnie started growing up; like dying a little when you watched you kids start going away to school, Mom had told her once.


   Buffy picked the picture up and walked over to the drinks cabinet, took a Guatemalan beer that Riley had presented her with the previous year. Staring at the people in the frame; contemplating the possible messages in the fact that it was the last one, she wondered if she could ever be as strong as her Mom had been.


   She didn't have to stay; more than enough talent to take over, but she knew she wouldn't. She knew she wasn't her Mom; never could be that strong.


   Smiling melancholically to herself, she turned out the light and put some music on; some vinyl that had been a present of Giles', he not being able to make her birthday either. She sipped her beer, sighed and rested the picture on her chest; falling asleep in the comfy chair.




   Joyce watched her from where her presence stood by the fireside.


   'You're as strong as stone, Buffy; with a heart big enough to protect a whole world. You're more than I - we could ever have hoped for, with the patience of a glacier. You're not alone; never alone.'


   Joyce accepted the hand offered her by a platinum blonde deceased undead, who also offered her a ghostly mug of hot chocolate; with little marshmallows, and stayed watching Buffy as she slept; only leaving once he'd kissed her forehead.




   Buffy stirred; waking enough to place the beer safely, then went back to sleep, feeling oddly comforted that she wouldn't be alone forever.




   Which was where Dawn and Lisa; their three children asleep in their arms found her when they arrived, unannounced just as dawn was creeping over the horizon.


   Happy birthday could wait until morning.




     Goddess watch over us all,


     Kerk TehKek



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   My first fic in ages is a belated birthday present for clarahow  who shares the same birthday as me. Really pleased that I have managed to write anything at all, this is inspired by ncis_drabble  prompt #437: wrong, and features Caitlin Todd and Abby Sciutto; my two personal favourite characters from the only season I have so far seen. 

   Hope you like. 

   TITLE: Undercover Liaisons 
   AUTHOR: kerkevik_2014 
   CHARACTERS/PAIRING: Caitlin Todd, Abby Sciuto, Cait/Abby; 
GENRE: femslash, 
SUMMARY: Kate's undercover, but the only seats are at the same table as her lab tech; lo-jinks ensue...

   This was wrong. 

   Sitting opposite Abby; Kate fought to remain professional as the lab tech played footsie with her groin under the table. 
   Abby carried on chatting to her date as if in complete innocence. 

   Kate tried to hiss that she was undercover, but could barely breathe properly. 

   Trying to remember all the hard work it had taken to get the target here she somehow kept her cool. 

   Busiest night here in decades, she screamed in her head, and suddenly she was more relaxed than she could remember.  

   Abby's toes were gone; she was standing and winking at Kate's frown. 


   Goddess watch over us all,


   Kerk TehKek
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   Arthur Hugh Clough 

   Say not the struggle nought availeth, 
         The labor and the wounds are vain, 
   The enemy faints not, nor faileth, 
         And as things have been, things remain. 

    If hopes were dupes, fears may be liars; 
         It may be, in yon smoke concealed, 
    Your comrades chase e'en now the fliers, 
         And, but for you, possess the field. 

    For while the tired waves, vainly breaking, 
         Seem here no painful inch to gain 
    Far back through creeks and inlets making 
         Came, silent, flooding in, the main, 

    And not by eastern windows only, 
         When daylight comes, comes in the light, 
    In front the sun climbs slow, how slowly, 
         But westward, look, the land is bright. 

   And one of my favourite songs of all time. 


   As I imagine Terry Pratchett saying, "Still kicking and screaming and complaining, so the 'ol bugger ain't got me yet; still ahead of the game then." 

    Goddess watch over us all,


    Kerk TehKek

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   Britain's next PM is guaranteed to be anti-gay rights

   Goddess watch over us all, 


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   Including my comments when I reblogged this. 

   Goddess watch over us all, 


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   Goddess watch over us all, 

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   Sheneque Proctor, 18 - another name to be remembered.

   Goddess watch over us all, 
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   You. Have. Been. Warned. Don't be like Britain; don't let Trump out of his Farage! 


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   I am watching Fantasia and he was right, Hippos in Tutus aren't as scary as they use to be...  

   See what I mean? 


   Goddess watch over us all, 




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