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  LIbrary system won't let the petition page load properly, but that doesn't stop me sharing it. I'll just have to wait until I can sign it.

Save Political Prisoner Ildar Didan from Imprisonment and Torture!
Sign Now


Last year, 34-year-old Ildar Dadin made history, but not the encouraging kind. After Ildar held several single-person protests, he became the first Russian citizen imprisoned under a new law that criminalizes repeated public assemblies.

As punishment for Ildar's political dissent, a judge sentenced him to three full years in prison. But now, the situation has gotten even worse. Ildar's lawyer recently smuggled a letter out of prison that Ildar wrote to his wife. In it, he describes being tortured and threatened with death on a daily basis. So Michael started a petition urging the international community to take immediate action to free Ildar from this hell. Sign his petition now!

In the letter, Ildar says he has been beaten as many as four times a day by up to 12 people at once. Guards handcuff his wrists behind his back and hang him from the ceiling by the cuffs. He writes:

"Being suspended in this manner brought about terrible pain in the wrists, twisted out my elbows, and caused horrible back pain. I was suspended like that for half an hour. Then they took off my underwear and said they would bring another prisoner to rape me..."

The European Union and United States have the power to successfully pressure the Kremlin and demand Ildar's release by freezing the assets of officials responsible for his torture. We must send a strong, united message to these governments that the time to act is now.

Sign the petition to save Ildar's life and bring an end to this daily sadistic torture!

Thank you for all that you do,

 Miranda B.
The Care2 Petitions Team

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   TITLE: Serenity (#1 of a series)

   AUTHOR: kerk hiraeth

   FANDOM: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (S5/6 AU; set in the femalehusband!verse)

   CHARACTERS: Faith Lehane;

   LENGTH: 100,

   A/N: I ~ No idea where this series is going; which characters will feature, or even if they will be in the same 'verse; fandom, or connected in any way, other than the one which will become very clear. Oh, and kudos points to the geek who spots the British Classic Comedy Series reference. 

         : II ~ This is set some time after Tara starts visiting Faith in jail. The fics that start telling that story are stubbornly refusing to reveal themselves as yet but, when I started on this, it quickly became clear where Faith was; probably who inspired her to read the book implied within. Why Tara visited, and what transpires, will have to wait, but this is set in that 'verse where; if you follow it at all, they will eventually marry.


     Faith out of boredom, but she knew why Tara had mentioned it; she wasn't stupid.

   What she sought was as hard to find as this dude.

   They seek her here; they seek her there.

   Last thing at night

   The look of surprise on his face.

   The look of terror on his.

   The inexplicable determination on his face.

   The hate on hers.

   The invisible tears in Tara's soul; hidden behind the smile.

   She imagined she could see the one she'd ripped.

   They all stared back at her in the washroom.

   “I hate you!

   “You're disgusting!

   Scarlet pimple was easier to find.


      Goddess watch over us in these dark times,

      Kerk Hiraeth




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      TITLE: You have to go... when the Black Rabbit calls.

      AUTHOR: kerk hiraeth

      FANDOM: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, with honourable nods to Watership Down; General Leia Organa and her RL avatar's mothers most famous musical role in Singin' in the Rain.

      CHARACTERS: Faith Lehane; Kennedy; Marcie Ross; Rowena; Xander Harris; Buffy Summers; Dawn Summers; Lisa; Olivia; Rupert Giles; Andrew Wells {in spiritus; Richard Adams; Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds}

      LENGTH: 156

      A/N: I have lost count of the number of different versions of this I have gone through. The first version had to go because I was so distraught myself; this before I heard the news about Debbie Reynolds, as well as a real life loss close to my heart, that I had gotten two of my Buffyverses intermingled. The word count is very specific; adding the combined ages of Richard Adams; author of the book that changed my life, Watership Down, and Carrie Fisher; who created; not my first, but certainly my most memorable and enduring fictional Hero, Leia Organa.



         “O, Embleer Frith!

     Slayers embarked in search of, first him; then her, when the news came in; scant minutes apart. Kennedy and Marcie Ross kept them, discretely, away; under their General's orders. Renée had absented herself; intent on guarding her not-serious boyfriend, though she let them know Xander was holed up in a geek bar on one of the seedier stretches of the Allegheny.

     Buffy herself was with her sister and her wife, Lisa; sitting vigil over various children, while Olivia sat with Giles as the still bedridden Ripper relived his youth endlessly watching Star Wars movies; including a specially delivered copy of the newest one.

     Meanwhile Faith; arms about a now doubly-grieving Andrew, looked out over another stretch of the Allegheny and quoted a long-deceased Slayers favourite Watership Down passages.

     Occasionally pausing to join him in his tearful renderings of musical numbers, and the Star Wars theme, she somehow kept her own emotions in check.

          “O General; my General.

    Goddess watch over us all in these dark times, 

    Kerk Hiraeth





Dec. 28th, 2016 07:21 am
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   Because we all need one right now. 

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  My mind is taking me back to the Drake SF club meeting above th Stonehouse when we found out Patrick Troughton had died. It helps to feel not so alone right now. 

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   Final one for December 25th was originally intended to be the final one of this series, but as I'm still a few short so that plan has failed,,, 

   Described as her attempt at a holiday song it's still one of my favourites of all time. 


   This is a new version of the video to me, which I will have to watch properly later as I still have to get down to the war memorial to pay my xmas respects; having run out of time for the weather to improve. 

   Goddess preserve us all in these dark times, 

   Kerk Hiraeth 

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   Janice, not Janis of the Joplin, but of the Electric Mayhem; THE greatest rock band of the seventies covers Joe Cocker's A Little Help From My Friends. I'm pretty sure this video is nowadays offensive in a great many ways, but it's Janice, and I don't care because I still love her. 


   Goddess preserve us in these dark times, 


   Kerk Hiraeth 

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   Since these are being posted on christmas day they are taking a bi tmore of a festive turn than they might otherwise. Spotted this one while finding the link for Robins before, so had to post this as well. 


  The original carol was apparently composed by Ukrainian Mykola Leontovych in 1914 . Given the events of subsequent years a rather ironic date I feel. 

  Here is a link to a John Williams version 

  Goddess preserve us all in these dark times, 


  Kerk Hiraeth 

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   Forever one of the most magical moments in TV history, Robin; Kermit's nephew singing Halfway Down the Stairs; from an A. A. Milne poem. 

   It still can make me cry on occasion listening to it. 

   I posted this in a response to a post by [ profile] elisi and meant to post it here before this; every time I see Robin as Tiny Tim in The Muppet Christmas Carol, which I saw with a friend Glasgow on the morning of the 24th, this memory comes to mind. 


   Got so far behind in everything, but I've decided to carry on and post as many as I can. This too seems very appropriate to my memories of childhood disappointments with the whole christmas experience, which began to make so much more sense as I came to understand that it wasn't truly 'my' holiday to celebrate; nor truly a christian holiday in its origins. 

   In any case, its ironically come to mean more to me now that I don't celebrate it. 

   Goddess preserve us all in these dark times, 


   Kerk Hiraeth 

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   Yes another pick because of a fanvid. Unusual here, because it's a pairing that I can see; thought of it myself, but have never seen believably done. 

   Until this fanvid; one of my faves from an incredible album by Evanescence, and webbed into a marvellous fanfic of a fanvid about Faith & Spike.  


   Goddess preserve us all in these dark times, 


   Kerk(evik) TehKek Hiraeth 

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   First saw the Joanie (Stubbs) and Calamity (Jane) of Deadwood fanvid some time ago now, but recently I suddenly started investigating the availabiltiy of DVDs because something in me had fallen in love with both of them; particularly Jane Cannary. 

   Got the DVDs having ONLY seen this one fanvid, because I knew I wanted to write them. 

    I honestly don;t think I can ever have been more grateful that someone made a fanvid. Deadwood has to be one of the best TV series ever made, and Joanie Stubbs and Calamity Jane (as portrayed) two of the most identifiable, to me, characters. I still have to watch the third, and final, season; so recently did I purchase the boxsets and Joanie and Jane didn't even meet until the EIGHTH episode of the second season, but the cast of characters is so rich, and so wonderfully portrayed that I almost feel that I could write any of them. I could have done with some subtitles for the Chinese speaking characters, but I shall investigate getting some translations of their dialogue. 

 Anyway here is that original fanvid, as well as what I assume is a video of the song from the TV show that originated this version. 



 I will likely watch the show over again before I consider writing stories, but stories I shall write. 

 Goddess preserve us all in these dark times, 


 Kerk(evik) TehKek Hiraeth 

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   It has taken me a while to decide on this post, as I wished to combine the musical choice with some news about my name change; also some musings on my identity generally . 

  Back in August, after many months of searching I finally came up with what I hoped to be my new name to be; announced in this post 

  A few days ago I finally managed to re-connect with the originator of the name TehKek; satisfying myself that I could indeed go ahead with using her online name as one of my new ones (now, of course, I have to discover the processes, and seek competent assistance for same, of changing my name to the new one; which WILL be Kerkevik TehKek Hiraeth. 

 I shall be mostly using the shortened version, which most people use, Kerk; also answering to Ray, where people in RL will no doubt continue to find that more readily memorable. I also need to practice on pronouncing my surname correctly - the top one here is the one closest to one I heard on a programme about the Aberfan disaster; used by a survivor in the programme. Steffan sound more gloomy, and less melancholic, than her pronunciation, but his is the closest to hers i Have found to be readily available 

 I'm getting closer, but it still feels not quite right to my ears; hearing her voice as a guide. 

 Also, I have come to realise in recent weeks that while I'm kinda stuck with being male; for reasons of not wanting to hurt the feelings of Trans folk generally, I shall not going into too much depth as to why; when I was a teen, I never pursued a desire to be female. 

 Not a woman; female. Big difference to me, but it means that I also don;t feel able to consider myself Trans either, In fact, I still rather like a word for myself that the Trans community at large seems to consider offensive. I find this a pity, as Tranny has always felt such a descriptively happy word to me; so much more descriptive of me as well. However, it's not one I'll be using for myself too often as Queer pretty much describes every form of identity I need for my own peace of mind. 

 Now to the song, When I Was a Boy by Dar Williams; who will be providing at least one more song for this meme, when it was supposed to be only two. This song seems to be the most appropriate for this combined post anyway. 

 It has the added advantage, in terms of this performance, of being the first time I will have heard it; together with the first time I have officially announced a couple of things in this post. 

 As I said, appropriate. 


 Goddess preserve us all in these dark times, 


 Kerk(evik) TehKek Hiraeth 

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  This started seeping into my mind when I'd just started to decide on the previous entry. It is still, after the Cafe Jam scene the moment which is my fondest memory of this much under-rated movie. One in my mind, it had to be included here. 


  And that guy in the pic there? Hard to believe that's the boy that became the man in ER & From the Earth to the Moon. What an under-rated talent he is.

  Goddess preserve us in these dark times, 


  Kerk(evik) Teh Kek Hiraeth 

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   Ok, back to my very intermittent advent music meme. 

   Had the various play all optionsplaying hping to jog something lose and, with all the confusion and miserable collaboration of so many supposed believers in freedom and democracy, and the disgusting display of misogyny of American voters this seem appropriate to display my opinon of all of them without becoming them. 


  Goddess preserve us all in these dark times, 


  Kerk(evik) TehKek Hiraeth 

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   HAD to include a song by Leonard Cohen and, quite frankly, it has to be Hallelujah. It rankles quite some that people will endlessly mention versions by other artists; one in particular (sorry AB, but i don't like him that much), but I've yet to hear one that even approaches the Master performing it. 

   So here 'tis. 

   This is from the Montreal Jazz Festival in 2008. 


   Goddess preserve us in these dark times, 


   Kerk(evik) TehKek Hiraeth 

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   Of course this is here because of Leonard Cohen's passing, but this is my favourite version of this song; also the song that introduced me to the sublime magic that is Madeleine Peyroux. 


   Here is a version by the Master himself though, 

   Goddess preserve us in these dark times, 


   Kerk(evik) TehKek Hiraeth 

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  Been very neglectful of this over the last few days. Anyway this one; key lyric, "I will not be afraid of women" , was always going to be the next one. A favourite of mine since discovering Dar Williams when I still lived down in Devon; so something like twenty years ago maybe, it will not be the last Dar Williams track I post before the Solstice. 


I Will Not Be Afraid of Women

Dar Williams – As Cool As I Am Lyrics

Yea, there was a time I didn't like the love, I liked the climbers,
I was no sister then, I was running out of time and one liners,
And I was afraid, like you are when you're too young to know the time, and
So I watched the way you take your fear and hoard the horizon,
You point, you have a word for every woman you can lay your eyes on,
Like you own them just because you bought the time,
And you turn to me, you say you hope Im not threatened,

Oh, I'm not that petty, as cool as I am, I thought you'd know this already,
I will not be afraid of women, I will not be afraid of women.

So now were at a club, you watch the woman dancing, she is drunk,
She is smiling and shes falling in a slow, descending funk,
And the whole bar is loud and proud and everybody's trying, yeah.
You play the artist, saying, "Is it how she moves, or how she looks?"
I say, its loneliness suspended to our own like grappling hooks,
And as long as shes got noise, shes fine.
But I could teach her how I learned to dance when the musics ended,

Oh, and thats not petty, as cool as I am, I thought you'd know this already,
I will not be afraid of women, I will not be afraid of women.

You tried to make me doubt, to make me guess, tried to make me feel like a little less,
Oh, I liked you when your soul was bared, I thought you knew how to be scared,
And now its amazing what you did to make me stay,
But truth is just like time, it catches up and it just keeps going,

And so Im leaving, you can find out how much better things can get,
And if it helps, Id say I feel a little worse than I did when we met,
So when you find someone else, you can try again, it might work next time,
You look out of the kitchen window and you shake your head and say low,
"If I could believe that stuff, Id say that woman has a halo,"
And I look out and say, "Yeah, shes really blond,"
And then I go outside to join the others, I am the others,

Oh, and that's not easy, I don't know what you saw, I want somebody who sees me,
I will not be afraid of women, I will not be afraid of women.
Songwriters: DAR WILLIAMS

Lyrics term of use

  Goddess preserve us in these dark times, 


  Kerk(evik( TehKek Hiraeth 

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  As anyone who follows my fics will know I have written an awful lot of stories about Dawn and her friend; only appearing in one act of one episode; The Body. 

  I have created an entire backstory; strill in progress for her, but this is the song that inspired the very first serious story; Lisa, My Reflection, set on the morning of Dawn's first day back in school after her Mom's death. This is the one they are headbanging to as they enter their first class of the day. 


  Goddess preserve us all in these dark times, 


  Kerk(evik) TehKek Hiraeth 


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